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Accelerated Private And

Instrument Program

Our techniques are proven to work, and you will be scheduled for both of your FAA checkrides in as little as 30 days (sometimes even less). This is an All Exclusive Training Program where you have one Instructor and one airplane for 8 hours per day (for 14 days). Typically, you will fly 4 to 5 hours per day and spend the rest of the time studying for the oral portion of the checkride, one on one with your Instructor.  Where most schools may offer this type of training, they later find themselves in trouble when they are dealing with it. Other schools tend to lose track of the student's training due to the complexity of an accelerated course. It's very common for instructors to skip lessons or repeat lessons for accelerated students. More importantly, the school sometimes underestimates the dire necessity for a student to complete his/her training in a certain period, which causes the student to leave the school without being able to complete his/her training, only to have to come back at a later date to spend more money than planned for. We take great pride in what we do, and because of our experience and organizational skills we have a 100% success rate of finishing on time in our accelerated flight training programs when the student is prepared, capable and ready for the accelerated program
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THE 30 DAY VIP ACCELERATED PRIVATE PILOT AND INSTRUMENT RATING COURSE INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR CERTIFICATE 80 hours dual flight instruction in our aircraft 10 hours solo flight Unlimited Private and Instrument one on one ground school Stage and progress checks Gleim Private & Instrument training kit (Including all books, tools, logbook, online course, flight bag) Oral and practical test study guides All charts for local areas of training Chart supplement and Terminal procedures Total Package Price: $21,000 (You save $1800 with the combo package)
Items that are not included: Lodging (we do have housing available), transportation (we can also arrange this), meals, TSA fee’s (if any apply), FAA examiner fee, FAA medical, FAA knowledge test, and anything else that may arise that is not listed above.
Terms and Conditions: 50% deposit required to secure the date, with the balance paid 7 days after training begins. All methods of payment accepted. If you cancel at any time prior to your scheduled date, we will apply your deposit to a future date.
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Private Pilot

Learning to fly, whether for enjoyment, dream fulfillment, or employment, is a rewarding, exciting, and emotional experience that cannot be explained. Whether you are an aspiring airline pilot or just seeking the thrill of flying, everyone’s flying journey begins here: the Private Pilot License. It is the most common pilot’s license in the U.S. and allows individuals to take leisure trips to just about any destination without the aid of a flight instructor.  

Instrument Pilot

For most people, the next step after your Private Pilot Certificate is the Instrument Rating. The addition of the instrument rating opens up a whole new world of flying. When you operate under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) you can fly in the clouds without reference ground or horizon. Without your instrument rating, you would be restricted to VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and could only operate on clear days. Are you longing to fly for the airlines, as a flight instructor, or a charter pilot? Well, these and hundreds of other flying careers have one thing in common: they all require a commercial pilot’s certificate. Even if you don’t want to use your wings to earn your paycheck, commercial training gives you the skills to fly complex aircraft with the precision and safety margins that airline passengers have come to take for granted.